“I have only one all-encompassing purpose in life- to help 100 Million people acheive succeed beyond their wildest dreams. 

Dr. Cubie Davis King earned a PhD. in Human Performance Improvement. His life’s work has been to engage people at their very core and help them achieve the success they have longed for their entire lives. He is the founder of F.I.T. the Foundation for Improving Talent.

Born in the ghettos ofEast Dallas, the last of ten children life was tough, but he has come through the ranks to become one of the most dynamic speakers of our day. Dubbed “The King of Inspiration,” His resume includes 9 years military service in the U. S. Navy, 4 years in public service as a contracts negotiator, and a combined 12 years as an senior executive with both Xerox and Citigroup.

For the past 20 years he has captivated audience as a keynote speaker in every state in theUnion. Seven of these years was spent training doctors where he picked up the tag (TKOI).If you have not yet heard the “King of Inspiration,” you are in for a treat!

Dr. Cubie Davis King, Ph., is an expert in Training & Human Performance Improvement. As a performance technologist, he works directly with leaders of organizations and governments the world over, assisting them with positive and highly effective business strategies for bringing out the very best in their workforces, in order to acheive peak levels of human performance. He is author of the hugely popular business book “The S7VEN People Principles: Success When Dealing With Other People;” which is currently being used by successful businesses throughout the country, and his most recent work “The PhD Self Publishing Workshop: Gateway to an Incredible High Six-Figure Annual Income,” as well as 15 other powerful self development books.

He is also a highly sought after keynote and breakout speaker, who also holds an MBA in Finance, and a BBA in Marketing.

To check availability and to book “The King of Inspiration, Dr. Cubie Davis King for your next meeting email him at cubie@goldcrowninc.com.

Before you book your next meeting, Go to www.cubieking.com to check for availability for “The King of Inspiration,” Dr. Cubie Davis King

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