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Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Seminar Leaders, Small Business Owners, Internet Marketers, Online Trainers, Masters Degrees and, PhDs. and anyone with a story to tell!

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Date: Saturday, October 6, 2018- 8:30 am

pexels-photo-301930.jpegTIME: 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Place: National University Spectrum Campus,

9388 Lightwave Ave,  San Diego 9212

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A Day That Will Change Your Life Forever!


A learning day like no other!

During this power packed 4-hours “live” “Knowledge Expert Conference” you will quickly learn:

  • How to take your ADVICE, EXPERTISE, AND “HOW TO KNOWLEDGE ” and build an exciting and lucrative career and business around it. (Hint: Your knowledge has even greater market value than you currently think).
  • Being an expert is about HELPING OTHERS- show people that you care, and they will PAY YOU more in an hour, than most people make in an entire month. (Here’s the little known secret to how its done) 
  • Why the New “GIG” Economy where people are selling their knowledge, advice, and expertise for millions of dollars is set to explode over the next 5 years! (Get in on the ground floor NOW!)  
  • Don’t consider yourself an expert at anything- don’t worry- YOU WILL after Dr. King guides you through HIS COPYRIGHTED -KNOWLEDGE EXPERT ASSESSMENT TOOL! (Hint: You don’t need an advanced degree- but if you do have one- all the better). 
  • YOU HAVE VALUABLE KNOWLEDGE TO SHARE: Have you raised children, lost weight, overcome a disease, survived a messy divorce, earned a degree, started a business, serve in the military, succeeded at anything, know how to fix cars, have a secret recipe, or simply lived life? Then get paid to help others get past their situations and problems. (Here’s how to do it!) 
  • The 6 TOP SECRET WAYS ordinary people (just like you- but often with far less experience) are making high six figure yearly incomes. (Today your life changes)!
  • The TEN “ADVICE DRIVEN” REVENUE STREAMS  (way to make money) that can make you an absolute fortune in the next 12 months. YouTube and writing a book is only two way- just wait till you here the other eight!
  • You will learn about the $300 billion training industry where $15K—$20K a day paychecks for training, speaking, and consulting with companies around the world are commonplace. (I’ll share many secrets to how I used my marketing strategies to train at over 40 Native American Tribes across the country- Hint: they own casinos and have money to pay!) Just duplicate my methods!   
  • Revealed: WRITING A BOOK IS VERY LUCRATIVE (if you don’t know how, I’ll show you the easiest and simplest way to do it, (BUT) you’ll learn 5 other ways to share your advice and expertise and get paid insane money for doing so!  YES YOU CAN!   
  • YOU’LL LEARN THE SECRETS to finding out WHAT advice people AND COMPANIES are desperately looking for!
  • HOW TO PUT A PRICE ON YOUR KNOWLEDGE- Don’t know what your advice and expertise is worth on the open market- no problem, just follow my patented formula for pricing your product and services, whether you are coaching one person- or hired as a keynote speaker. Do this! It works every time! .  
  • WHERE THE BIG MONEY IS!The reason companies and organizations are hiring everyone from yoga instructors, pros who can train on team building and leadership development, customer service, sales, safety, emotional intelligence, work/life balance, meditation, and any and everything imaginable that today’s employees need to be more productive.  CAN YOU TEACH THEIR WORKFORCE SOMETHING MEANINGFUL? Then do this and you’re hired!
  • Don’t want to work with companies or organization- then you’ll LEARN HOW TO REACH MILLIONS WITH YOUR MESSAGE! Here is  best tools for doing this!
  • THE NEW WAY TO REACH MILLION OF PEOPLE IS IN ITS INFANCY- you will one of the first to know about this- and its so simple you can literally get started today.  
  •  CREATE HOW TO PRODUCTS THAT SELL OUT! WRITING Books, TRAINING DVDs, COACHING CDSs, and more! is much easier create than you can imagine. Then sell them to people around the world. LIKE I DO! Thanks to Amazon, YouTube, and my new strategies for selling out!
  •  YOU WILL GET STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS on how to create REAL PRODUCTS from your advice that people will line up to purchase,
  • LEARN MY SECRETS TO WRITING WINNING BOOK TITLES, and my signature blueprint STRATEGY as to how I’ve published 18 books. Don’t worry, I show you a method so easy you will wonder why you didn’t think of it?
  • DID YOU KNOW that the average book sells less than 5,000 copies? You will learn the #1 reason people will buy your products, Do this and this won’t happen to you. guaranteed! 
  •  CHARGE 3X More and WHY PEOPLE WILL PAY FOR IT! Next, I show you how to take a simple $10 book and turn it into a $30 book, and have people lining up to buy it.
  • WHAT’S EVEN BETTER THAN WRITING A BOOK?  This! THE SECRET ADVANTAGE you won’t hear anywhere else, because very few people have ever heard about this. How to take a $30 book and easily turn it into a $200-$300 book, and have THIS GROUP gladly pay to get their hands on it! Only those in attendance get to hear this secret! 
  • BUILD INCREDIBLE RESIDUAL INCOME FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY: You ‘ll learn a marketing success system that never fails, and build a steady stream of monthly income from your products! HINT: Load up on Amazon- you’ll learn the secret number of books you need to publish in order to blow past $250K a year! Bet you’ve never heard this before!
  • Dr. KING’S DUBAI MIRACLE: MY ADVANCED FORMULA FOR TOTAL SUCCESS How I packaged and sold my knowledge and landed a multi-5 year contract with Dubai and Abu Dhabi (ACTING AS MY OWN AGENT), two of the richest cities in one of the richest countries in the world. Just follow my blueprint and land your own contracts. You will learn exactly what I did! AND MORE!
  • A LITTLE KNOWN COPYRIGHT LAW that pays royalties to your family for decades well into the future, even after you’ve pass on. If people knew about this one, everyone would write at least one book! The SECRET ADVANTAGE rich authors (even self-published authors) have used for decades but never tell anyone.
  • In this Conference I share what I’ve learned in my 20+ plus yrs. as a self-publishing author.
  • And you learn the real reasons why the ADVICE, EXPERTISE, AND KNOWLEDGE SHARING business is about to grow even bigger-over the next 20 years! Experts predict north of $300 billion a year. What are you waiting around for?

I will personally conduct this particular conference!  

Here is just a little bit of my resume:  International author and speaker Dr. Cubie Davis King, PhD.

Military veteran, former senior executive with Xerox and Citi Group. I have  brokered my knowledgeCubie Close Up Purple Retouch Web (2) (like a stock broker) for the last 20 years to 100s of companies, over 30 Native American tribes, The States of California, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and South Dakota.

I have trained some of the best and brightest minds in the world, including doctors, and lawyers and PhDs.

My book “The S7ven People Principles: Success When Dealing With Other People , is currently being used by employees at Costco, Hilton Hotels, Holiday Inns, AAA, Super Glue, Goodwill Industries, Yellow Cabs, government agencies, and many more organizations including colleges and universities.

(See them on

Today you’ll even learn the “SECRET ADVANTAGE’ I USE TO LAND BIG CLIENTS !

A $2000 conference for under $200; Why? Because, first I want to give back something for the tremendous years I have been blessed to do what I do.

Second, I want to reach out and help many more people. As well known as I am in many circles around the world, still millions of people have never heard of me. 

This is where you come in. When I put on this coaching conference and give you 10x more than you paid for, you are going to tell a lot of other people (a least that’s the seed I’m sowing). Sow into the life of others- and others will sow into your life.  

But make no mistake about it! There is not another conference (AT THIS PRICE $197) with this level of expertise on selling your knowledge in the entire country.

I encourage you to look around!

Don’t blow this rare opportunity to hear this knowledge firsthand. My goal is when you leave this training you’ll say I stole this information from Dr. King.

If you know you are worth more and you are ready to go to the next level– I URGE YOU TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT RIGHT NOW! THIS VERY INSTANT! 




Where: National University Beautiful Spectrum Campus 9388 Lightwave Ave. San Diego, CA 92123

When:  October 6, 2018   8:30am—12:30pm   (registration begins @ 8am)

Registration:  Value ($2000)  This Conference $197 advance $397 @ the door   

OR CALL NOW TO REGISTER: 866-609-3433 X 1

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I CAN’T WAIT to meet you personally! I want to hear YOUR STORY!