How Vast is Your Influence?

Influence is a powerful word, and is defined as… a power to affect persons or events. Have you stopped lately to assess your power to influence others; on your job, in your business, and in your community? People have a tendency to follow those whom they think are influencers. Think about this. Your ability to get your next promotion on your job, is based on how well you are able to influence those with the power to promote.

In order to pick up new clients for your business, you have to get good at influencing prospects of the fact that, you have a superior product vs. your competition’s product(s). There are seven key influencers that work like magic when dealing with people in all walks of life. Over the next several posts I will share these powerful influencers with you. Influencers that I have used to build my successful business of 22 years.

In the mean time, I’d really like to hear from you. Can you tell me what your number one challenge is when it comes to dealing with other people?

…leave your comments below…

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