Help Our Vets Succeed!

Dr. Cubie Davis King

Dr. Cubie Davis King

In honor of the 4th of July celebration, I’d like to ask you to join the conversation:

“What is the one thing you would share with a military person about success, after they separate from service? If you, or someone you know is a veteran, please have them post to this conversation by forwarding this email to them. Let’s inspire our vets to win in civilian life.

My advice: there really are specific steps you can take to be successful in life!

First, make absolute sure you are CLEAR on what it is that you want out of life. Set targets (goals, and write them down), then review them every single day. It is a fact that, you get out of life exactly what you aim for. YOU set the targets for your success. At the beginning don’t worry about how things will happen. Your very first job is to get clarity on what you want!

I separated from active military service in 1980 after six years, and I completed another three years in the reserve. I had a burning desire to start my own business. So that is what I aimed for. I also wanted to earn a PhD. Today I have them both. Was it tough, you bet! But so was the military, but you survived!  Know this…life will give you what you are willing to fight for. WHAT DO YOU WANT?

After 21 years in business for myself, I have learned an awful lot. I share what I’ve learned in this blog. If I can answer any questions for you, or point you in the right direction, let me know. It’s my way of giving back… touch the follow button to join SUCCESSNET!
SK1 King, Veteran
USS Denebola AF-56, USS Butte, USS Point Loma AGDS-2

What do you think… we really want to hear from you, so leave your comments below, and touch the like button above!

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3 thoughts on “Help Our Vets Succeed!

  1. Dr. Cubie,
    What an honor to respond to your request for sharing advice to active duty personnel leaving the service. Let them know knowledge is power, understanding is powerful, and wisdom is a superpower. Take advantage of the next phase in life by preparing now to transition to effectively earn an income through employment or business, plan to effectively take care of your health and the health of your family, and effectively take advantage of the knowledge the veterans administration provides. Understand the benefits available to you. Wisely choose the benefits which are most advantageous in your life both now and in the future.
    Mickey Ross, D. Sc.
    President, RCES
    Captain, U.S. Navy Retired
    Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business


  2. The first thing I would suggest is set aside some time to answer the following questions: “What is most important to you at this point in your life? Why?

    Then, arrange to have objective conversations with people you trust regarding your answers.


  3. Sam Taylor Jr, Financial Stewardship Professional
    I want to join you and first thank our veterans for serving our country. After serving seven years in the Marine Corp, I simply applied the principals that made me successful during my term. I am a stickler for planning and preparation. Put in the time and meditate on what you are good at and harness your energy in that area. I was good at managing my money and focused my efforts on becoming a financial planner. Twenty six years later I have a successful practice. May God Bless our veterans.


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