You Can’t Cheat Success

Amazing, traveling the country on my speaking tours gives me a chance to answer questions concerning the incredible success I’ve enjoyed during my life time. But it has not been without a heavy price, which I wrote about in my personal best selling book “How to Call A meeting With Yourself-Daily Success Habits That Produce Stunning Results. (go to for your free copy)

If there is one theme throughout– it is this folks…”You Can’t Cheat Success.” Often I see individuals trying to get around doing the tough things in life like- goals setting, self motivation, and tanacity. Many want to hang out and do nothing, but want to enjoy the success others have paid an incredible price for.

For example…during my seminars I often leave resources open for my students to peruse during the breaks. Often I see individuals with pad and pencil trying to copy as much as they can on the breaks. Or people will purchase materials and get them home and copy them and then sent them back in for a refund. My heart goes out to them. Some may say -well what if they don’t have the money. You know what I’v found? WINNERS FIND A WAY TO WIN! Funny how we can find money for all the other “stuff” we want in life but when it comes to knowledge…the most important commodity in this new “knowledge economy” somehow we can’t muster up enough money- Funny isn’t it?

Folks, listen carefully, “You Can’t Cheat Success,” because I have found out in my life time- SUCCESS (and don’t ask me how) knows exactly when you have paid your dues- and EVERYONE pays dues. That’s why you see so many people in our society today who get rich but don’t know how to be wealthy. Wealth is a state of mind that doen’t depend on what you’ve got- being rich is a state of now. That’s why you can take everything from a man of wealth and in 3-5 years they’ll have it all back. Rich peole (like many lotto winners) lose everything and never recover- In fact many are often worst off than before. Why? Because they have a poor mentality. A very wealthy man once told me “if you make only $50K a year, but all of your bills are paid-guess what -YOU’RE WEALTHY! Did you get it?

So don’t fret my friends…if it seems its taking forever for you to see results from all your efforts and sacrafices, hold on- and never forget the magic of compound effort- and rest assurred success is keeping tabs on who has and who has not —paid their dues. YOU CAN’T CHEAT SUCCESS!

Until next time…”Make Your Dreams King (copyright 2013 Cubie Davis King).

-Dr. Cubie

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