The S7VEN People Principles/Systems

Dr. King speaks ‘Live” concerning two foundational pillars from the S7VEN People Principle; Success When Dealing With Other People, from his book. Available at I’d love to hear your comments below. What are your thoughts?
To contact Dr. King directly call 866-609-3433

2 thoughts on “The S7VEN People Principles/Systems

  1. Dr. King – took your “dealing with difficult people” seminar many moons ago…..will always remember the comment to “never let them change who you are”….carry that with me all the time – want to just say “Thank You!”


  2. I went to a Cubie King HR seminar 12 years ago and to this day, 10/19/16, I still use the stuff I learned from him. Great speaker and great guy!


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