The 9 Most Lucrative Advice Driven Markets to Sell Your Knowledge

by Cubie Davis King, PhD.


These are the nine most profitable markets where experts are selling their advice, their expertise and their knowledge to companies, organizations, and individuals around the world. The advice, expertise, and consulting industry are huge, and as an expert you need to know where the real dollars are being spent. They are;

 1.      Business advice: any and everything that will help businesses, both small and large succeed.

2.      Financial advice: both personal and business.

3.      Leadership advice: this is huge as companies and organizations are experiencing a unprecedented leadership gap today.

4.      Marketing advice: both personal and business- branding is one enormous area to pursue today.

5.      Motivation advice: this has always been a huge market and will remain so.

6.      Spiritual advice: another huge area where people are seeking guidance.

7.      Style advice: from home and office to personal style, people want to hear from experts in this field.

 The key is to organize your knowledge and advice into sellable products and services. Get organized and people will gravitate to you and want to learn your tips, methods and strategies.

 ©2018 Cubie Davis King. All rights reserved internationally. Express written permission needed from the author to use in any form whatsoever.


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